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Our Company

Danaus Consultants was established in the year 2016 as a company dedicated to provide consultancy services and promote good agricultural practices to agriculture stakeholders in different crop production systems in Belize, that will allow best management practices, while preserving the natural resources and contributing to food security for the well being of consumers. These services are enhanced by the provision of non-formal education through seminars, workshops and courses in a wide array of thematical areas related to agriculture, environment and biological sciences. 

Currently, the number of pollinators are decreasing,
thus its importance in agriculture makes it critical to
exercise better agrochemical management.

To generate a high impact in the agricultural sector of Belize by providing technical assistance and expertise through field visits, workshops and educational campaigns to fill the gaps that enhance a better crop production, natural resource management, family and social well-being that contribute to food security.

To become a leading organization in the provision of technical knowledge for the development of the public and private agricultural sector in Belize, through the assistance to farming stakeholders in best and suitable agricultural practices, meanwhile providing capacity building through education/extension services as an important tool for the empowerment and development towards an environment, economic and social well-being for Belize’s future generations.

  • Professionalism
  • Reliable
  • Open-minded
  • Awareness
  • Commitment
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Vision
  • Excellence
Belize's water resources are an important factor 
contributing to agricultural development.
Let's protect them!



To generate change and a positive impact in the agricultural sector of Belize.


To encourage education/extension services as a tool for development and empowerment.


To promote agricultural sustainability through technical assistance and expertise.


To engage stakeholders and promote best and suitable agricultural practices.

The presence of different pests can be detrimental to a crop's
development, upon reaching an economic threshold.



Provide technical services to farmers in different crops countrywide.


Reach out to institutes, government agencies and private stakeholders to provide capacity building.


Perform workshops and course modules.


Become a link between farmers, governing and financial institutes.

Natural biological control is present in our fields!  
The implementation of an Integrated Pest Management can
increase the presence of natural enemies.

Our Services


Consultancy to farmers, institutes and organizations

This service entails on-farm visits for crop monitoring and inspection of:

  • Soil fertility management: soil sampling, analysis and nutrient recommendation.
  • Pest, weeds and diseases: identification and control, integrated pest management.
  • Crop phenology and nutrition.
  • Recommendations for better crop production based on local information.

- Primary crops: cereals, legumes and sugarcane, but not limited to others.

We will generate a database for each client for future references and recommendations accordingly. Data provided and collected is confidential.

Please contact us for a quotation of services required including any relevant information.


Non-formal education in agricultural aspects

Provide workshops, seminars and course modules in the following modes:

  • Short and long term courses.
  • Capacity building to governing bodies countrywide.
  • Capacity building to farmers, institutes and general public in agriculture related topics.
  • Modules for primary, secondary and tertiary schools to promote agriculture.

Workshops, seminars and course modules in the following main topics:

  • Soil and fertilization.
  • Integrated Pest Management.
  • Agroecology.
  • Irrigation and Fertigation.
  • Entomology.
  • Plant physiology.
  • Specific crop production.
  • Organic farming.
  • Climate - agriculture related topics.

Courses are available in English and Spanish, based on your preference.

We invite our clients to ask about other specific areas to fulfill your needs based on our level of expertise.

Our services are based on Best Management Practices (BMP), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and agroecology to achieve agricultural sustainability.
For institutes and organizations we provide technical expertise and information for analyzing and recommending solutions geared to existing programs and project proposals.

Additional Services

Analytical Services for soil and leaf analysis with an accredited Laboratory in the UK.


Farm Mapping with the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Specific assessments on topics related to the agriculture and environment sectors (public or private).


Project management.

Representatives for IMOcert for Organic, Good Agricultural Practices (Global-GAP) and other certifications.


Accredited inspector for audits on farms, groups of farmers and processing plants for EU regulation, USDA-NOP, Canada Organic Regime (COR), Organic Mexican regulation, BioSuisse and Naturland

Local Representatives for registration and renewal of agrochemicals before Belize’s Pesticide Control Board (PCB).


Contact us, to fulfill your requirements and interests.

Experiences in different countries, is vital in adopting other agronomic practices that are beneficial to us.
Nature at its best! Natural enemies help
balancing the presence of harmful insects.


Climate change is real, variation in weather patterns such as rains below normal levels can affect agriculture production.

Our Contacts


Belmopan City
Cayo District


(+501) 615 1087
(+501) 670 1989


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